Patriots Custom Wood

Patriots Custom Wood

Thank you for your interest in Patriots Custom Wood!

Patriots Custom Wood is not a company, conglomerate, or anything of the sort.

It is me.

It is my brand.

I hand make all of the items on this website along with many others out of my garage. This is still my part-time job, for now.

Please keep in mind that lead times vary; every product is different and has its own personal touch and is never the same as the one before.

Looking for a custom project? CONTACT ME and we can discuss it.

Expedited builds are available.


About Patriots Custom Wood

Patriots Custom Wood is my new business! I have been building these items for several months, and I think nothing makes me happier than seeing them posted on social media in other people’s homes and businesses. This will hopefully be a full-time business soon, but for now I do still have another full-time job. Along with being a husband and father of two with two more on the way! I do my best to keep up and keep the orders moving out. But please keep in mind Patriots Custom Wood is not a company; this is me! (I do not have a staff outside of my wife.) This is my brand and I stand by everything I put out. I build everything to order, and sometimes have a list a mile long. All of these items come out of my garage, are boxed in my living room, and are taken to UPS in my truck.

I am not starting this business to get rich. I am selling my products so that I can afford to make new ones. To have more of my creations hanging in the homes of people all over the country so they can enjoy them the same way we enjoy the original one I made for my wife for our anniversary. It is my dream to be able to stay home with my twins when they are born and only continue this business from my house.

Please plan early for gifts and such. But in the event that you did not find me in enough time, please feel free to contact me and we can arrange an expedited product to be delivered in the time frame that suits you best.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to building you a new piece to hang in your house!